Access & Visitor Management for Commercial

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Our Flagship Product Lockated is a complete Residential Society & Property Management suit, offering various features such as Visitor Management, Club Management, Accounting, and various others which enables in minimizes the requirement for manpower, manual processes and takes away unnecessary hassles by integrating every aspect of Residential complex management on a single consolidated platform which manages all aspects of a residential property.

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Future Ready

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Amplified Reach for
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Module Wise Offering.

Building Management System enables ease for managing property and residents. Through
Building management System, residents can use a host of functionality like HelpDesk,
Communication, User Management, Digital Safe, Gallery, Parking Management, Convenience
etc. It not only comforts their life and provides convenience on their fingertips but also enhances
the overall experience of the said property.

Club Management System (CMS) is an integrated solution with a user-friendly interface and
encourage Social playing within the ecosystem. This Module helps to manage the clubhouse
facilities efficiently and at the same time provide ease-of-access & convenience to residents.
This module provides services like Booking & Membership Management etc. Through this your residents can book the various clubhouse facilities at the tap of their fingers.

Smart Secure is the modern mobile based Security Management solution. It is designed to
heighten your property’s security levels, simplify entry/exit processes of expected & unexpected visitors, and entry of goods and staff management. In addition to this, the system also helps your security management to supervise car parking allotments, Delivery Management, SOS Calling with much ease.

Project Management System module is aimed at digitizing, managing and analyzing every
aspect of your Property Management functions in order to run effortlessly and increase
productivity. Functions like carrying out Preventive Planed Maintenance, creating AMCs,
efficient energy management and asset management, Inventory management, reports etc. all within a single tool with a mobile app, to access every information pertaining to a particular
project and track progress of each function on-the-go.

Accounting System is unified platform that merges accounting and payment functions across
various verticals, teams and phases involved. Right from collecting token amount to generating
receipts and invoices for services availed by your customer. Keep your accounting and finance
department running smoothly. 24*7 over cloud and simplify your accounting processes by
increasing productivity through features like automating CAM Charges, Auto Invoices /
Receipts, GST Configuration etc.

Lockated’s Fit-out Management Module empowers your Project Management/Facility
Management to generate flat-wise and category-wise amount allocation while configuring the
various stages of fit-out request. It enables your team to approve or decline fit-out requests on-
the-go. With the Fit-out Management module, you can ensure the efficient management of fit-
out payments by placing fit-out payment requests to your customers and even provide fit-out
refunds. And that is not all. You can audit the complete set of fit-out payments made to the
company as all of them can be viewed and managed at one place. You even have an option to
upload the supporting fit-out documents, SOP’s/Form, to ease out the process. While you
establish this flawless fit-out process.

Restaurant Management module is designed to empowers your customers to reserve a table for
themselves and their guests or order food from all the restaurants and food joints in the vicinity
right at their fingertips. Restaurant Management module can configure the restaurants details like their Name, Operational days, Timings, Menu Images, Cancellation Policy, etc. Once Configured then it all set to serve your customers and enhances their lifestyle with real time tracking and availability of the table bookings.

OSR Module is one such tool that you can integrate in your Lockated’s ecosystem through
which your residents can avail a host of facilities at the tap of their fingers. Be it scheduling an
appointment at a nearby salon, to placing a request for plumbing or housekeeping
requirements, to fit-out fixtures or repairs, Lockated’s OSR Module gives living at your property
an extra edge over your competitors.

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