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Lockated Site management is gives real estate company to win over every potential lead as you can carry out on-site registration and integrate the lead details in CRM. You don’t miss any leads as you capture detail of the lead’s site visits and then link it to a sales Person. Provide your sales person with the visitor’s profile and also, stage leads across various
stages and schedule site-visits as per the slot’s availability.

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Features Live In-Sight

Onsite Registration

Manage your site visit of your customer smoothly from On Site Registration to CRM Integration, Staging of Customer across various Stages at time of site visit, manage Round Robin & Crowd Management or a Single Customer Management with site management solutions.

Block inventory, you don’t want to show. restrict right on viewing, get inventory block aging report, share access with Global sales team & CP as per your choice. Provide your sales team with all the information they need to give their best, and ensure that your global sales channels are on same page with your inventory as your local

Inventory Management

Online Payment

Configure Payment Plans, Track Multiple Payment, Initiate Advance booking system, all this can be achieved by adopting our module. Payment link can be shared to customer directly through SMS & the payment for same amount will be linked directly to developer account no manual intervenes required. Payment Receipt for the same is also auto generated.

Digital Brochure, AR & VR video can be linked with each flat which Channel Partner can show or share to client through APP. The same videos link can directly share of Social Chatting App. Can also link 3D Video /Project / Flat Walkthrough within the App so potential customers can have Great experience.

Digital Brochure AR / VR Video

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