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Haven Infoline LLP, focuses on providing technology solutions to Real Estate Companies and enhances their business by driving more sales and build a Loyal customer base. Our Software solution encompasses across all phases of a Real Estate Project i.e Pre Sales, Post Sales, Possession & Handover and includes Lead Management, CRM, Channel Partner Management, Loyalty Management, Snagging & DE snagging, and many more. Our solutions help in making real estate companies future-ready by providing a unique solution that will bridge the gap between the customers.

Solutions By Real Estate Project Stages

Pre-Sales Stage

The Pre Sales Phase focuses on planning and executing marketing campaigns for Real Estate on the go. It provides Lead Management & Campaign Management for Real Estate, Channel Partner Management Application, Project site Visit Monitoring software and helps in getting real time insights of the performance of your sales team.

The Post Sales Phase works as a CRM for Real Estate and is also a Mobile Aoplication for Real Estate Companies for providing regular updates to the existing customers during the period of construction. It gives him a never-before experience with live construction updates, site-visit scheduler, referral & loyalty programs. The company can also provide Value Added services like integrated Home Automation & Interior Solutions to their customer for ready-to-move-in homes.

Post-Sales Stage

Transitioning Stage

The Transitioning Phase is a stage just between the Project completion by the Projects team and before handing over to the Customer. It includes tools for QC Management, Snagging & scheduling Customers site visit for planning the Possession.

The Possession Phase enables the company to provide various Community and Property management features for the Management, Property Management Companies, Managing committee and its Occupant be it Owners or Tenants. It provides solutions such as Security Management, Club Management, Helpdesk Management & various others making the Real Estate Companies Application a very engaging Application and a Loyalty tool for the company.

Possession Stage

Handover Stage

The Handover phase is when a Real Estate Company transfer the operational aspect of the Property to the Society & the Managing Committee. Our solution strikes the perfect balance in ensuring the Operations are transferred and the Real Estate company is able to build a Loyal Community of its customers and drive marketing. Our Solution helps the company increase its reach by 5x make your Loyalty platform a very engaging platform.

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Future Ready

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Amplified Reach for
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